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Salt Cartography III N Ireland / Ireland / England

Process art / Durational performance

Salt, an essential mineral for life, exerts a symbology of positive or negative values developed in different cultures in history. My approach to it in this project comes from its relevant role in economic transactions and human relations in history: salt as a currency, salt as a gift, salt as a salary, salt as punishment and destruction, or salt for a poetic and reflective art process.

As we commonly know, granulated, shapeless salt offers this physical quality for a meditative activity in this durational work. Based on the fundamental act of life, breathing, I

I will try to generate a cartography of reflections around some issues that the work itself should reveal. But most of all, I intend this work to be a metaphor for the generation and regeneration process of forms in the world.

Images Elvira Santamaría

Revisiting Cartografías de Sal. I drew the map of Mexico, in 2014, Canada and the World's generation and regeneration process of formsSA, in 2018, blowing salt at exact intervals of time, forming repetitive cycles from which the maps emerge. This time I would like to draw the map of Ireland and England (2022) and attempt to preserve it in resin.

Images Henry Chan

Images Fausto Luna


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