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I Stepped Out And She Stepped In Again

Thursday 13th September

5pm to 7pm

Atypical Gallery (90 mins)



Atypical Gallery


16th September at 4pm.

I Stepped Out And She Stepped In Again is a visual and performance art exhibition by five Belfast-based artists. Best known as performance artists, creating work that exists temporarily in the fluid interactivity between performer and audience, rather than in the permanency of static observation between object and viewer, each artist also incorporates elements of visual art in their process and practice. This show draws out these visual elements granting them longevity in a gallery setting.

Open 11am to 4pm daily throughout the Bounce Arts Festival, and then weekly from Tuesday to Friday until October 26th. There will be an artists’ performance at Atypical Gallery on Saturday 16th September at 4pm.


Elaine McGinn, Elvira Santamaria Torres, Jayne Cherry, Katrina Sheena-Smyth, Siobhán Mullan

Curator: Hugh O’Donnell

Image Elvira Santamaría. The steps of memory, form Parable VI-I: Suspended process. art process and gestures. El Mozote, Morazán, El Salvador, 2015. Image Eduardo del Corral.

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